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Cloud solution is an important aspect of the accounting industry. Business efficiency is achieved when manual tasks are automated with the help of cloud bookkeeping.
Cloud accounting gives owners not only control over their accounts, but also helps driving costs down and reduces their bookkeeping complexity.
Cloud bookkeeping is the source of business automation and it helps in making manual tasks to be done by software that we train to act in a certain way.
Business transactions and accounting solutions are streamlined with the help of data entry techniques. Previously business management had to hire a team of accountants and pay them a reasonable amount of money for these tasks. Now manual work is replaced by cloud bookkeeping such as Xero. Bookkeepers do not need to spend additional hours on data transactions and preparing bank statements lines which eventually reduces the bookkeeping and accounting bill for users.
There are many accounting platforms that allow add-ons in their ecosystem reaching productivity gains by making things according to the needs of the client. Integration of these add-ons is directly done in the software system. This allows automation of workflow, cash flow and forecasting activities.
Business owners have to maintain a good level of cash flow in order to meet their financial obligations. This can be done through cloud bookkeeping which enables you to produce real-time cash flow statements that reflects your actual cash position.
Real time information is collected constantly and integrated in your accounting software that updates your position continually. Traditional accounting using desktop software such MYOB is no longer a burden where delays in producing management reports occur if information are missed or the accounts are not reconciled.
The option of using MYOB live is available for our clients but we always recommend the use of Xero due to its simplicity and the wide range of functions the software offers.

Enhanced collaboration between business owners and advisors is achieved with the help of cloud. Communication is done anywhere, anytime regardless if you are in the office, at home or on the go. On the other hand, advisors who are not using cloud accounting must spend more than 50 percent of their time maintaining documents which as a result reduces the amount of time spent on their client accounts and an inflated accounting bill.
Business owners as well as cloud advisers are leveraging solutions with the help of new technology. Financial documents are centralised automatically and are visible to both parties, time laps are deducted because of reduced friction of audit-proofing and document chasing. Documents are accessible on 24/7 basis at click of a button.
Cloud software are being updated regularly without any technical hassle. This is not like a desktop software that remains the same unless you purchase the latest version to gain access to the new features. With online accounting, this happens without any extra charge as the updated features are regarded a part of your subscription.

The roadmap to cloud improvement is paved by the feedback system. Companies involved in cloud software preparation often request feedbacks from their clients and responds to their technical requirements. Gaps are identified and updates are done to allow maximum efficacy. Add-ons are also made available with which efficient integration between cloud and bookkeeping software can be done with an ongoing backup of data and feeds.
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